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Personalized service

Delivery to hard-to-reach countries

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Unlimited possibilities for delivering any cargo

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Our company is recognized as one of the best cargo shipping companies for all your transportation needs, whether by air, land or sea

In fact, Limco Logistics offers the best combination of price and value that you could find. Our customer service is nothing short of excellent. Limco Logistics is capable of transporting goods via road, rail or sea, as well as by air - the choice is yours, depending on price and priority.

Limco Logistics has a dedicated car transport section which will help you get your pride and joy where it needs to be. Regardless of how your precious cargo is being transferred, we will be there every step of the way; every detail will be taken care of to ensure a stress-free delivery.

International Logistics Company - Limco Logistic

Our logistic solutions

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Step-by-step logistics with Limco
Leave a request on the website or call
1 minute
Our manager will contact you to clarify details.
15 minutes
We calculate the cost of transportation and determine the transportation route
180 minutes
You sign the contract and make an advance payment.
30 minutes
We delivery cargo to its destination
30 minutes
180 minutes
15 minutes

There is nothing under the sun that we cannot transport from one place to another

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By request you will get:
Delivery option for your cargo
Commercial offer with price calculation
Free consultation on delivery issues

When you think of import, think of Limco Logistics, the trusted name for almost two decades. We are an International Freight Services and logistics company and have been dedicated to serving the freight industry for quite a long time

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